Let’s Rewrite Your Fitness Story

You have miles to go in a life you’ve worked hard to create, and you deserve to enjoy the fruits of your labor. That’s why my approach to fitness coaching is EPIC:

Efficient: Your life is busy, so we ensure your workouts are practical and concise.

Physical Practice: I create a flexible practice especially for you that flows with your lifestyle -- even as it changes

Incremental: By focusing on gradual shifts, you’ll easily scale up and achieve ongoing wins.

Continual Improvements: More isn’t better – better is better – and it’s all about the dose.

Fit 2 Thrive: It’s Not Just a Logo. It’s My Promise to You

For many years, my coaching business was called “Fit 2 Play.” That’s because I worked with athletes at the highest level of sport. When you're paid to play there's different expectations. I witnessed firsthand what the price of going "all-out" all the time costs.

Today I know firsthand there’s no more exciting or worthy goal than playing all out in the game of life. Remember, what got you here probably won't get you there. I tailor how you train today with a healthy mindset and a focus on functional fitness so you can enjoy a pain-free, active lifestyle to live the rest of your life on your terms. 

And speaking of the rest of your life – it’s my goal to teach you to become self-sufficient with a sustainable fitness repertoire. Plus, I created the Fit 2 Thrive community to provide a low-cost option for ongoing accountability, inspiration, motivation, and education for your sustained success.

You Don’t Need Another Workout

How about a partner to guide, support, and coach you to be strong, fit, and healthy?

EPIC Coaching

In-person / online

Designed to deliver results while giving you peace of mind knowing you’re doing the right amount of the right action at the right time.

  • Initial assessment call to discuss your goals, desires, limitations, and challenges. 
  • 4 coaching calls per month, up to 60-minutes each.
  • Notes of our sessions will be emailed at the end of the week.
  • Workouts tailored to your environment (at home, and on the road).
  • If you're stuck or have a question in between our coaching calls. We can also get on a quick call (8am - 8pm EST) to get you unstuck.
  • A free membership pass for the Fit 2 Thrive community while we work together. You'll join others on a similar path.
  • And, of course, a full dose of accountability, education, motivation, and inspiration


Schedule a call

EPIC Premium Coaching

In-person / online

If you’re interested in my EPIC Coaching services more than once a week, contact me! I am happy to create a customized program and schedule.

  • Initial assessment call to discuss your goals, desires, limitations, and challenges. 
  • 8+ coaching calls per month, up to 60-minutes each.
  • Unlimited quick calls (8am - 8pm EST): When I have a question, it's a now thing, not in a few days. We can jump on a quick call if you're stuck or have questions in between our coaching calls.
  • A recap and notes of our sessions will be emailed at the end of the week.
  • Workouts tailored to your environment (at home, on the road).
  • A free membership pass for the Fit 2 Thrive community while we work together and for 3 months after completing our one-on-one coaching round.
  • And, of course, a full dose of accountability, education, motivation, and inspiration.
    Starting at $795/month

"I needed a Coach . . . someone to motivate me, to hold me accountable, someone who was approachable and who would also design a safe and effective program that would be both challenging and fun! As a physical therapist and fitness instructor, I knew the importance of working with someone who understood the human body, functional movement, the aging process, and safe progressions AND who could communicate in a way that was insightful, honest, and concise. I was in need of someone who was an exceptional authority in their field, and really fun, too! From the first call, I knew that my goals and (self-limiting) beliefs were being “heard.” I have remained injury free and have become stronger, feel healthier, move better, and continue to set new goals!"

Denise Klatte PT, DPT, GCS

I’ve always pushed my body — my output of energy, and overall endurance are extremely high. I’ve found Jeff Turner instrumental in my preparation, as well as extending my career. Jeff is the best I’ve worked with.

-Ken Bradshaw, Big Wave Surfer 


I’m not sure remote coaching is right for me – can we talk first?

Absolutely! You have questions, and I'll have a few for you -- by the end of our call you'll know if this is a fit or not.

How much time is required to get the result I want?

We’ll get clarity on your goal on our initial call. Once we’ve discussed your objectives and understand your starting point, we make a plan. There’s no predetermined program with a set amount of days/times that you have to fit into – our work together is completely customized to meet your needs and desires, goals and challenges. I create, motivate, and inspire you with a sustainable program that fits into your life – in other words, a physical practice.

I have some old injuries, can you work around them?

Yes! We'll discuss your current health and past injuries during our initial call and address all concerns. Clients are often referred to me because of past issues, and clinicians I’ve worked with have confidence I can find the right amount of the right stuff for you to do at the right time (“the dose”), regardless of your condition. To be clear, I do not diagnose. If you have any concerns, please talk to your health care provider. I'm happy to talk to them as well.

How much support is available?

Like Goldilocks… just the right amount. We’ll talk about what that looks like during our initial call. Some people want 24/7 access – this isn’t that, but you will feel well supported. We’ll have our scheduled calls, but if something comes up in between, I’m here for you.

What are we doing on the calls?

We go over form and techniques, and you will learn new movements and exercises when it's time. We talk about your struggles, obstacles, what's working, and what could be modified. We also discuss how and where to start, how much to do, and when to change it up.

I’ve never done much strength training -- can I do this?

The overarching theme of my coaching is living stronger, longer – everything we do aligns with this imperative goal. Strength training isn’t necessarily what you think it is; there are many paths to strong, fit, and healthy. We are building your body’s strength and stamina, but this is not about lifting bone-crushing amounts of weight. I know you can do this! And we'll have a conversation before you join, so you'll feel confident about how we'll approach strength training.

James E. Wright PhD, Former Chief of Exercise Science at the Army Physical Fitness School and Writer/Editor

"Jeff has been a master trainer of top athletes and Hollywood celebrities for decades. His knowledge of training and ability to design extremely effective training programs for a wide range of individuals puts him among the top coaches in the U.S."

Frederick C. Hatfield, PhD, Sports Scientist, Iron Legend 

"I have known Jeff Turner over 30 years. I sincerely recommend him with the highest level of praise. Mr. Turner’s levels of knowledge, experience, confidence and motivational skills rank him among the best sports and fitness coaches in the field today."

Katie Smith
OSU/Big Ten, WNBA and Olympic basketball superstar (3x Olympic Gold Medalist)

"Jeff was a tremendous help preparing me for one of my best all-time seasons. And then again after retirement."