Live The Rest Of Your Life On Your Terms

Getting older is inevitable. Becoming weak and fragile is preventable.

Are you ready to be fit to THRIVE?

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We're going to rewrite the story of what you think it takes to become strong, fit, and healthy so you can live stronger, longer.

Aging is a trip. Does this sound like your journey?

  • My workouts don’t really work for me anymore.
  • I’m super busy – no time to get to the gym.
  • I’ve got aches, pains, and injuries I can’t ignore.
  • My genetics suck – lots of illnesses in my family.
  • My doctor told me I have to get in shape.
  • I struggle with simple things, like doing chores and carrying groceries.

You’ve got miles to go, and I’m here to help you develop a physical practice you can do anytime, anywhere to keep you strong, fit, and healthy. 

Two Ways To Help You Thrive

EPIC Private Coaching

  • Individualized roadmap – I see your blindspots & clear the path
  • Individualized movement and strength training, adjustable to your life and schedule
  • Inspiration & accountability
  • A safe space to share your goals, dreams, and realities
  • Focus on functional fitness for an increased health span over your lifespan
More About EPIC Coaching

Fit2Thrive Community

  • Motivation: through accountability, guidance, challenges, community interaction, and small-group coaching.
  • Education: A rich resource library with how-to videos and written instructions. You'll learn to develop a physical practice so you can live stronger, longer
  • Inspiration: Connect with Jeff and others like you to share challenges, progress, and wins
  • Accountability: just the right amount, in the right tone
  • Led by me (Jeff) -- I'm in the community daily.

Hi, I'm Jeff

I’ve coached high achievers and athletes at every level, and guess what? Even they can’t outrun aging. What we all can do is shift our mindset and physical practice not just to survive but thrive.

Today, I help people go for the ultimate win: greater longevity and better health over time. Forget “no pain, no gain” – there’s a smarter, more sustainable approach to fitness that fits your lifestyle. And I’m here to guide you every step of the way.

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"I chose Jeff because I was looking to make sustainable, impactful changes to my life. I found myself having the epiphany that what I did when I was 20 something, was not what would work moving forward." - David D.

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